Brown Bag Seminars

Fall 2014 Schedule

Seminars take place Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm in room #3481 Randall Laboratory
Organizer: Bibhushan Shakya 

Date Speaker Title Links
Sep 10Sonia El Hedri
Perturbative Unitarity Constraints on a Supersymmetric Higgs Portalabstract
Sep 17John Golden
Scattering Amplitudes and Cluster Polylogarithmsabstract
 Sep 24 Anindya Dey
(UT Austin)
Field Theory on Gibbons-Hawking Spacesabstract
 Oct 1 Travis Maxfield
Domain Walls, Triples, and Accelerationabstract
 Oct 8 Kiel Howe 
Maximally Natural Supersymmetry and its Natural New Signaturesabstract
 Oct 15 Eric Mintun
(UC Santa Barbara)
S-Duality for Intersecting D3-Branesabstract
 Oct 22 David Curtin
Testing Electroweak Baryogenesis with Future Collidersabstract
 Oct 29 Cyril Closset
(Stony Brook)
Holomorphic Twist and Supersymmetric Partition Functionsabstract
 Nov 5 Michele Cicoli 
Sequestered string scenarios: global embedding, de Sitter modulistabilisation and soft-termsabstract 
 Nov 12 Benjamin Safdi
Renyi entropy, stationarity, and entanglement of the conformal scalarabstract
 Nov 19 Christoph Keller
3d Gravity, Universality and Poincare Seriesabstract
 Dec 3 Tim Cohen
Soft Collinear Effective Theory for Heavy WIMP Annihilationabstract