Brown Bag Seminars

Winter 2015 Schedule

Seminars take place Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm in room #3481 Randall Laboratory

Date Speaker Title Links
Jan 14
Haipeng An
Searching for dark photon with dark matter detectorsabstract
Jan 21Brian Shuve (Perimeter)Not-so-sterile Neutrinos and New Leptonic Interactionsabstract
 Jan 28 Abhijit Gadde (IAS)Exact Solutions of 2d Supersymmetric Gauge Theoriesabstract
 Feb 4 Michael Smolkin (Berkley)RG flow of entanglement entropyabstract
 Feb 11 Tarek Anous (MIT)Holographic glassesabstract
Feb 18Joseph Bramante
(Notre Dame)
Signals of asymmetric dark matter from galactic center pulsar implosionsabstract
 Feb 25Matthew Low (Chicago)The Twin Higgs Mechanism and Composite Higgsabstract
 Mar 11 Madalena Lemos (Stony Brook)Bootstrapping the 6d N=(2,0) theoryabstract
 Mar 18 Daniele Alves
(NYU / Princeton)
Goldstone Gauginosabstract
 Mar 25
Great Lakes String Conference
 Apr 1 Itamar Yaakov (Princeton)Generalized indices for N=1 theories in four-dimensionsabstract
 Apr 8 Simon Knapen
The Orbifold Higgsabstract
 Apr 15 Chiara Toldo (Columbia)New goals for AdS black holesabstract