High Energy Theory Seminars

Fall 2014 Schedule

Seminars take place Fridays 3-4pm in West Hall Room #335
Organizer:  Leo Pando Zayas

Date Speaker Title Links
Sep 12Akikazu Hashimoto (Wisconsin)Solitons on intersecting D3-branesabstract
Sep 19 Uri Kol (Michigan)Holographic RG flowsabstract
Sep 26Silviu Pufu (Princeton)The N=8 superconformal bootstrap in three dimensions abstract
Oct 3Clifford Johnson (USC)Holographic Heat Engines, and the Nuts and Bolts of Thermodynamic Volumesabstract
Oct 10Dan Freedman (MIT) Explicitly broken supersymmetry with exactly massless moduliabstract
Oct 17 Rob Myers (Perimeter)On Spacetime Entanglementabstract
Oct 24 Gordon Semenoff (UBC) A study of holographic entanglement: the  accelerated quark-anti-quark paradigmabstract
Oct 31 Claudia Frugiuele (Fermi Lab)Hidden GeV-scale interactions of quarks and dark matterabstract
Nov 7 James Barnard (Australia)Composite Higgs models with “the works"abstract
Nov 14 Ben Safdi (Princeton)Directional neutrino detection: from characterizing the cosmic neutrino background to imaging nuclear reactorsabstract
Nov 21 Antal Jevicki (Brown)Gauge Origin of Higher Spin Duality 
Nov 28  No Seminar Thanksgiving  
 Dec 5 Rob Leigh (UIUC)